All Star Weekend!

Hey guys!

Another hectic week for me – but the team is 2-0, and we’re on to the next one! I’ll keep you all posted 😉

Also, HAPPY ALL STAR WEEKEND! Basketball (particularly the Miami Heat & one LeBron James) = my favorite thing on the planet. So I’m happy this evening.

Haters gonna hate...

I don’t really have a post planned, but I finally caught up on some reading and wanted to share some stuff that I found pretty cool. These are my “ALL STAR” picks of the week. Enjoy! I’ll be back at it next week with some new videos!

Are Pull Ups Essential?

^ Even though I’m a huge pull up fan, I love the points Eric brings up.  Obviously his main clientele consists of major league baseball players, where elbow health is PRIORITY – but its just another great reminder that no exercise fits all.  Some people can get away with living & breathing pull ups, while others would be better suited with alternate forms of pulling.

Chin Up Progressions

^For my bad ass females who SHOULD be focusing on chin ups. Here’s some cool variations to get you there! & I love how Tony writes, haha.

Complete Guide to Complexes

^ More details about constructing barbell complexes – since I’m obviously a huge fan of these, I figured you all should be too 😉

Muscle Confusion

^ Any time we can make fun of stupid terms like ‘muscle confusion’ – I’m down. Sarah does a good job with this one.

What are you all training this week? Is anyone still keeping with their new years resolutions? I’m working hard on my pull ups & 120s… my lats HATE me, but in the best way possible 😉


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Master's in Kinesiology: Strength & Conditioning BSed in Exercise physiology -NSCA CSCS -NASM CPT, PES -Varsity Lacrosse Coach Saving the world one workout at a time ;)

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  1. I am a HUUUGE basketball fan and sometimes it feels like I’m the only one in the blogworld!! Now I have a bball buddy 😀 Of course I’m a Celtics fans so I guess we’re actually enemies huh =(

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