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Earlier this week I finally jumped on the Fitocracy app bandwagon – and I’m happy about it. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Fitocracy is a website/app that helps you track your workouts while simultaneously earning points for your activity. It is also a social media site similar to facebook that concentrates solely on fitness and connecting with like-minded individuals. It also has some fun “quests” to complete if you’re running low on workout motivation or just need a change of pace. I’m really liking it just for something different. I know I’m a little late to the party but if you guys haven’t checked it out, go here

I decided to attempt the intermediate widowmaker the other day, just for fun (backsquat with 80% of your bodyweight on the bar for 20 reps). Haven’t been squatting consistently lately but still managed to complete 2 sets of it. I probably won’t ever walk again, but that’s fine.

What I really like about the whole thing is the idea of getting points for activity & achieving new levels – like a game – vs tracking workouts & obsessing over calories. I’m also really impressed with the exercise selection – I didn’t think I’d be able to find any of my weird exercises on there, but I was pleasantly surprised. They even had some of my dynamic reach movements which I’ve never seen on any other website.

Anyone that trains clients might want to recommend this to them to keep them motivated. I’m also happy to have a reason to log my workouts again. I’ve been getting a bit lazy when it comes to keeping track lately, and my notepad on my iphone is a sad little excuse for programming. This amps things up a little.

Another fun thing I thought I’d share is a version of the GHR (Glute ham raise) that can be done in any gym with a lat pulldown machine. The GHR is one of the best exercises out there for the posterior chain – but very few commercial gyms have a specific machine for it. It can easily be duplicated using this method – I do it all the time and have great results with it. Be prepared, though. People will think you’re nuts. The other day a lady came up to me after I finished my workout and told me it was the “coolest, scariest & craziest thing” she had ever seen. I love it.

It looks a little something like this:

*Credit to Ellisonfitness for this video

He uses a BOSU ball to push off of – I use a low plyo box. If you have access to an adjustable step, a bench, a plyo box, or a BOSU ball, use any of those. Start with something higher and gradually progress down. These are BRUTAL – and a lot of people can’t get them right away – but they’re worth working toward. The GHR is ideal for the hamstrings because it is more true to running form (hip extended/knees flexed vs hip flexed/knee flexed that you see during a seated hamstring curl). If you can’t get 1, put a resistance band around the lat pulldown machine and around your chest and it will assist with the concentric portion of the movement. Enjoy!


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  1. Umm Apparently I’m WAY behind the times here because I haven’t even heard of that app yet…But I think I’m definitely going to look into it now! Looks like a perfect way to track, and as you said, might work for some extra motivation. It might also help me come up with some of those fitness challenges for my blog 🙂 And those GH raises look BRUTAL, btw.

  2. These fitness challenge sites are great motivational tools. I am a member on and find it cool. I have recently found a new fitness challenge site which seems to have a few extra features.

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