week 2 of the summer fitness challenge!

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… And we’re back for week 2! (If you missed it, last Monday I introduced a 12 week fitness challenge program for the summer). It’s ok if you just want to jump in with week #2, or you could always just jump in head first and do both challenges this week 🙂

First off, how many of you actually took the stairs the entire week? Did anyone count how many stairs they took? As I said last Wednesday, after I wrote that post for you guys, I found out that my “extra points” challenge for my work program was to climb 1000 stairs during the week. Being someone that doesn’t have a crap ton of stairs in my daily life, I immediately started calculating how many stairs I’d have to take per day… and got a little nervous. But then I started counting, took a few extra trips between my…

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Master's in Kinesiology: Strength & Conditioning BSed in Exercise physiology -NSCA CSCS -NASM CPT, PES -Varsity Lacrosse Coach Saving the world one workout at a time ;)

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