Great post on bridging the gap from rehab to sports performance & incorporating PAP into training.

***Athletic Medicine HAS MOVED***

For years there has been a gap between performance enhancement and injury management. Strength coaches fail to address rehabilitation  and injury prevention during performance training whereas health care practitioners (ATs, PTs, OTs) fail to address performance training during injury management. There are some who continually seek to merge the two disciplines, by utilizing the unique training principles from each side. I am not saying ALL fail to bridge the gap, but it certainly is the majority.  Health care practitioners could be a bit more boundaryless and integrate performance enhancement concepts and protocols in to injury management programming. One method we can use is Postactivation Potentiation or (PAP).

Brief Overview of Postactivation Potentiation:

Postactivation Potentiation was described by Robbins in 2005. According to Robbins, PAP is the enhanced and immediate muscle force output of explosive movements after a heavy resistance exercise is performed (1). Over the past few years it has gained popularity in…

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